We Need Your Help

//We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help

Here at Lotty Lollipop we know that you make us; your stories, your experiences, your ideas.  We have had so much contribution from you all and we are so grateful but we need your help, please!

We would like to tell your stories.  Be them about grief, loss, struggle, mental or physical health or even how you found love; what happened to make you the person you are today?

The feedback we receive in sharing your stories is wonderful.  They really impact on people.  We want to take this further, create a community, a safe place where we can communicate openly.  Gem is talking to people now about the best way to create this but we need your help.  We need stories to tell, ideas for Gem’s next creations and we want you all to be involved in moving us forward.  We have achieved so much together already, we cannot wait for the next chapter of our Lotty Lollipop story and we hope you can help us to write it.

If you have a story you would like to share, email me at blog@lottylollipop.com or message me on Facebook/Lottylollipop  As a thank you, we will send you a Wish Fairy free of charge.

We will share it on here, on Facebook and Instagram.

We hope you can get involved and help us and thank you for all you have done!

Gem, Lucy, Vicki and the Lotty Lollipop Family


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