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Aaron’s Battle

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Hey Lollipop's!  Today our story is slightly different in that it is more of an appeal for you wonderful people to head on over to to have a look and support (if you can) Aaron's Battle with Cancer.  You can support on Facebook or over on the web page Aaron has a rare cancer and [...]

Like a Phoenix Rising

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Like a Phoenix Rising Today's blog needs very little introduction as it is written with honesty and shows the beauty of the author who has, like a phoenix from the flames, risen from her battles.  Not only has she overcome her own adversity, she created a support group, samsspaces, to help others in theirs. There [...]

I Hate Cancer!

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Tonights story talks about losing mum to cancer.  The raw grief and anger is powerful to read.  The relief that everything was ok snatched away so cruelly as so often happens.  Hope turns to fear.  Then life without mam and children to remind us we're not on our own.  The innocent words from a child [...]