Hey Lollipop’s!

We are so grateful for the stories you’ve sent us here at Lotty Lollipop. I got into the blog side of the business quite by accident as I was so moved by the people I worked with in creating the bereavement pieces I make and sell. I felt some of the stories behind the art needing sharing and so I asked if there would be any interest in sharing your stories and wow, I was taken aback by the response.

Since then, as a business we have grown and so has our blog with us sharing a story a week to great feedback from both the people who read and comment and our contributors; you guys! It really is a comfort to know you’re not alone and that someone else has been where you are now. As you all know I now have the lovely Lucy working alongside me managing my administrative business and Vicki to help with my product bio’s and the blog meaning I am free to concentrate on my products ensuring every part of my being is poured into my art. I am working on new ideas all the time and am particularly proud of my latest additions, the Wish Fairies, The Serenity Wishes and the Angel of Autism for Autism awareness. These were all inspired by people close to me and I am always happy to take on board feedback and news ideas.

Right now I am working on ideas for Fairies and Angels in support of mental health issues and welcome feedback on this idea. I would also like to ask if anyone has a story they would like to share, anonymously or otherwise, to support others on our blog in the same way we have talked about bereavement. If you would be interested in sharing your story, of mental health, grief or anything you want to write down to get off your chest or that you hope would help others, please do not hesitate to get in touch on here or email blog@lottylollipop.com

Thank you all for your support and love and the support and love you show for one another.

Love as always…. Gemma xxx





It’s your story; tell it as you wish it be told xxx