I read today’s story and my first thought was simply wow, how very brave is our author.  She became part of the Lotty Lollipop family after being bought an Angel by an online community in memory of her darling baby boy Niggle.  An amazing act of kindness by people, some of whom she has never met in person.  Losing a baby is such a massive loss to a family and so soon too.  I don’t want to say too much else detract from our author but would like to wish her and her family well and I hope your Angel brings you the comfort and love it was sent with. xxx


Today we laid our baby boy in his forever bed ????

Our Niggle ????

So on the 22/08/2018 I went for our routine scan to be told that our baby had passed away, I was induced on the 27/08/2018 (I asked for it to be delayed as it was Olivia’s first birthday on the 26/08)…

I will forever miss my boy and wonder who he would have been ????

22/08/2018 – The day we gained an angel
28/08/2018 – The day our angel was born
19/09/2019 – The day our angel was laid in his forever bed!

Picture of my two beautiful children, together for a brief moment, and not in the way I imagined ??

Forever my children, on Earth and in Heaven

Also pictures, the Lotty Lollipop angel that a Facebook group of 350 ladies I’ve know since December 2016 (when I fell pregnant with my daughter) bought us to remember our baby by ????


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