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Today our author is describing going through a period in their life when they lost several people in a short space of time.  This can tend to be the way.  Our author found comfort in writing poetry and dedicating poems to lost loved ones.  I adore this idea.  To be able to get your emotions into art, any form of art, must be so therapeutic and rewarding.  I hope our author goes back to their poetry and gets that book published.  Sharing your story can really help other people which brings me onto our author’s closing statement about a group to talk openly about our feelings.  I really like this idea and hope it is something we can work on moving forward.

I wish our author well and thank you for sharing your story.

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My first and second bereavement experiences were the worst out of all
the experiences of death so far that I have had.

I was 15 and 17.  It was my Nanna and Grandad.  So much emotion and how strong my emotions were, I will never forget, especially when my Grandad passed on 15th December 2005.  Just two years after my Nanna had passed away. Within 10 days of losing Grandad  we lostanother 6 people from my family like my honorary Grandmother, friends and

I still feel guilty to this day that I don’t feel that I had a chance to grieve for my honorary Grandmother, that I was also very close to, as I was still in deep grief for my Grandad.

During my time grieving I started to write poems/short stories about grief itself and
how I felt, the way that I wrote them I made it so anyone could relate
to it or even say ‘That’s Me’ if you get what I mean.  At first I wrote
them in a little note pad, then I typed them up and I printed them and
put them in a folder, I even gave it a front cover I called it ‘The Road
To Relief From Grief’ along with a contents page naming the poems etc.

I added a dedication page  to my Nanna & Grandad as I did two poems, one
each for them, as they were about them, there was about 10-15 I think not
sure, I still have it some where as one day I would like to add more and
maybe, just maybe, get it printed.  You never know.

I love your idea for a group to talk about grief and loss.   I would definitely would join.  Maybe it could be a secret group to begin with, so it feels safer, for example if I posted, I know that friends or family can’t see it or know that I posted, because some times talking to a stranger/group can help and knowing that your story or comment stays private from outsiders/other family or friends not in the group.

Wish you all the best and I lovvvvvve your work, keep it up!