Our story today is in the author’s own words and although short is very powerful.  It is brutally honest and I feel for the author and wish her well and to know she is not alone.  Although often a sad job, I love working on your blogs, your stories, as I really think we can help one another.  I hope that by reaching out to us the author finds some comfort and I hope she feels supported by our Lotty Lollipop community.  Sending love and hugs……xxx


Hi I’ve been following your gorgeous dolls and would love to home them all; stunning and the touching words that go with them make them more heartfelt.

My story is I lost my mum in May last year, she only got sick February 2016 then diagnosed with a brain tumour so large and untouchable, she was sent home after 3 days on steroids and that’s it.

We were just left to count the days until the dreaded day.. she was my only friend and strength, we stuck together and looked after each other. With having a father who is so bullying, he controlled mum until her last breath, my world ended when I lost her.

I had to carry on for my daughter and it’s so hard for my, now 5 year old daughter, to have no granny hugs and kisses. It breaks my heart and I miss her so much. I can’t think about her as I just turn to a mess.  I’ve to try and look after my girl now. I’m a single mum and isolated so life is hard.  So love your idea to post your story as I feel there’s nobody out there to care for me now.  xxx


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