My lovely crafty buddy, Amy at Fox’s Felts, joked the other week that my products were similar to that of a Florists. I had to think about it for a second or two but do you know what? She is quite right.

My company actually started out making gifts for children. After the birth of my daughter Lotty, I had made the decision not to go back to my corporate former life and money was tight. So I started to make handmade gifts for my friends children’s Birthdays, and my first range was born.

Rainbow Fairy

Moving into Weddings was no accident, it was a very conscious decision. I wanted to start doing more grown up pieces, and bespoke hand painted art lends itself to this market. Memorial Gifts however just kind of happened, I’m not quite sure how and when my customers started identifying with my dolls in that way. But they did and a whole new product line was born. I liked it and embraced it fully. It is so humbling to think I am making love tokens that will bring hope and comfort through some of their dark times.

Star Fairy 1

My peg dolls are just perfect as they are small, non in your face reminders. No one needs to know what they actually signify other than the sender and receiver. They are little private remembrance pieces.

Star Fairy 3

Miss Star is a popular gift to remember a precious baby lost to miscarriage or stillbirth.

Star Fairy 2

“When it is darkest, men see the stars.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is Eskimo legend that: The stars are openings in the sky, where our loved ones shine down to letting us know they are happy and forever in our hearts. I find huge comfort in that thought, and hope others do too.

Rainbow fairy 3

“Be thou the Rainbow in the storms of life”
-Lord Byron

The pairing of this design with my Miss Rainbow is a great one. For me the two dolls together signify hope of things getting better after dark nights.

My customers who have previously bought Miss Star have brought her too to celebrate the birth of that very special Rainbow Baby.

Rainbow Fairy 1Both peg dolls are painted and embellished by with diamantes by hand. They stand 6cm tall from wing tip to magical toe. Whatever your reasons for buying them they come with a promise to bring love and hope into their forever homes XXX