Molly, Grace and Cara xxx

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Today's story is terribly sad.  The loss of a child is awful, terrible, the worst tragedy life can confront you with.  Our author today describes her family's loss and puts into words the unspeakable suffering they have experienced.  The story takes us through the elation of pregnancy, loss, regret, hope, pain and more loss yet [...]

Festive News

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Good evening Lollipop's   Check out our latest newsletter here:   Festive Newsletter You can subscribe by clicking the link or on our home page; never miss a fairy wing beat again xxx  

Lisa’s Story

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Good evening Lollipops Lisa's story talks about the loss she has experienced in her life and how each was different.  The circumstances you find yourself in at the time of your loss can affect how you grieve, for Lisa being pregnant affected the way she was able to grieve losing her grandad.  For me there [...]