The loss of a great man, my Dad x

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Our story this week is by Karen and talks of her mum's brave battle with cancer and losing her dad quite recently.  It's a sad story.  Karen describes his detereoation and eventual passing at home, surrounded by family.  She describes life afterwards and how her mum and husband have all helped one another get through [...]

I just didn’t know how to eat ‘normally’

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Our story today is part of a bigger picture that makes up the author.  Our author muses that we are all made up of many different stories and that is what makes us who we are.  This is so true.  Humans are complex and we each come with our own back story, current stories and [...]

Losing My Husband

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Today's story is beautiful albeit tinged with sadness.  It is an honest story about the loss of our author's husband, her soulmate, and how she has struggled since.  She shares where and how she has found comfort and hope since. I wish her well for the future and admire her attitude and courage.... "I know [...]