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Lotty Lollipop was founded by me, Gemma: an artist, nature-lover and mother of 3 based in beautiful Derbyshire.  I create precious peg dolls for precious people: each one hand-painted with my great care and intent to spread a little love and happiness across the world.

My mantra

Be original, be unique, and love what you do.

I truly believe if you have these three things everything else will just fall into place.

My inspiration

You may be forgiven for thinking that the land of Lotty Lollipops is one full of sunshine, smiles and fairies: but believe me it’s not! Lotty Lollipos HQ is a creative melting pot full of peg dolls and postage boxes, mad dogs and missing rats and – of course – my three crazy kids!  But somehow I manage to find respite and inspiration not only from my lovely customers, but on the long walks I take with my dogs Penny and Belle.  Nature has always been a huge influence on my creative work – not to mention a huge source of happy hormones!  Whilst the nature of my business sees me ‘studio-bound’ for most of the time, I try to get out and about whenever possible: there’s nothing like a rambling country walk to fire up the imagination and soul!

How it all began

How and why did I start Lotty Lollipop back in 2009? I guess the simplest answer is Lotty was born! Having spent 5 years in the corporate world, as a creative person I felt trapped and frustrated, but it wasn’t until I had my first child (Lotty) that I realised something had to change. At that point I decided I wanted to live life differently: to spend my days making art and bringing happiness to others: and to be in a position where I could work and watch my little ones grow at the same time.  Fast forward 8 years and I’ve got 3 not-so-little ones, an award-winning business and I’m thrilled to say, an ever-growing base of lovely loyal customers!   

My pride and joy

Aside from my aforementioned 3 ‘bundles of joy’, I take great pride in the work I do and how I’ve grown Lotty Lollipops from the ground up. I’m still proud to say that my dolls were named as one of the Top 5 Most Popular Favours in England at the Wedding Industry Experts Awards in 2015  and featured in a major in-store display at Harrods alongside perfume by Dion Dore.  

I’m more proud however, of the work and dolls I create as bereavement mementos: something that is close to my heart and where my greatest passion lies. It’s through this side of my business that I get to meet some incredible people with truly inspirational, touching and often devastating stories to tell.  I know what I do can’t in any way make up for the pain of loss: but I hope that these little token gestures of love help in some way to alleviate and uplift the spirit – even if just a little.  To me, peg dolls are symbols of hope and happiness, for they’ve brought me oodles of both.  And it would seem that others agree…