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Peg Dolls – Bereavement Gifts – Cake Toppers – Personalised Gifts

My name is Gemma and I am the peg doll artist and owner of Lotty Lollipop. I am on a one woman mission: To fill the world with peg doll loveliness. My company was established back in 2009, the main driving force behind its formation was my children. I wanted to create my art, bring happiness to others and be in a job that allowed me watch my little ones grow.


I feel very privileged to live in a beautiful part of England, the wonderful Derbyshire. The first sparks of new ideas are often lite on my daily dog walks, born out of the wonders I get to see. Whether it be Mrs Blackboard in a Rowen Tree with a beak full of worms, or the first Bumble Bee spot of the year busily collecting her pollen. You see nature is in my blood, in my bones and in my heart, it is my passion. It make fills me with wonder, inspiration and above all happiness.


Over the past seven years, I have turned this passion and my hand painted peg dollsΒ into a company that has been sought after internationally and recognised as award winning. In 2014, our wedding peg dolls were honoured as one of the Top 5 Most Popular Favours in England during the Wedding Industry Experts Awards. I have also hadΒ my work on Harrods shop floor alongside Pink Addition Perfume by Dion Dore. While recognised for my work in the Wedding Industry my true specialty and passion lies within creating peg dolls as bereavement mementos. I believe that my art is a unique way to honour both memories and celebrations and it is my honour to offer you something truly bespoke for every part of your life.


I would like to invite you to browse through the Lotty Lollipop website and as you do consider my guiding mantra for this company: Be original, be unique, and love what you do. I truly believe if you have these three things everything else will just fall into place.