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We are very proud to say here at Lotty Lollipop all our packaging is completely plastic free. Your items will arrive from their flights lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and in a handmade card and paper sleeve. *Please note the more fragile items will also be packed in popcorn to keep them extra safe.*

The Inspiration….

When Lotty Lollipop was first founded it looked very different to how it does today. Business was going really well and I was loving what I was doing; my dolls were named as one of the Top 5 Most Popular Favours in England at the Wedding Industry Experts Awards in 2015  and my work was featured in a major in-store display at Harrods alongside perfume by Dion Dore but life has a way of changing your path and so it was with me when I lost my beautiful friend Kate.  I was devastated.  Her loss taught me a lot, about who I am as a person, who I want to be and the type of business I wanted Lotty Lollipop to be.  I also realised there is still so much to say about grief and loss but that so many of us simply cannot find the words.  I began creating my Bereavement Gifts to help friends and family support one another.   It’s through this side of my business that I get to meet some incredible people with truly inspirational, touching and often devastating stories to tell.  I know what I do can’t in any way make up for the pain of loss: but I hope that these little token gestures of love help in some way to alleviate and uplift the spirit – even if just a little. 

Our Family Got Bigger….

As the Lotty Lollipop Collection grew, so did our team, with the welcome additions of Lucy (Office Manager), Vicki (Blog and Copy Writer) working alongside me, Gemma (Artistic Director / Owner)

Gifts, Words and Cards for All Occasions….

In 2018 I created my Fairy Wishes collection to be sent in place of a greeting’s card but to cost about the same.  We have taken this idea and applied it across all of our products, with each of them coming with a card or a verse and all perfectly packaged to be sent by us directly to your recipient.  We will do your gifting for you.  In times of happiness, moments for which you want a keepsake to remember forever or at times of loss or despair, when you need a little help finding the words, we have created a gift or a card for you.  Recently we have added collections for Mental Health, Autism Awareness, Recovery as well as additions to our Christmas and Professional Collections.  The lives and experiences of the Lotty Lollipop team help shape our products, each of us bringing something different to the table and each with our own favourites.  Alongside our team ideas, we continue to create custom orders and many of your ideas have evolved to become permanent products in the Lotty Lollipop Collection too.

So take a look, there’s a Lotty Lollipop Gift Waiting to Meet you….

Each one made lovingly by my own fair hand, lovingly sold and packaged as a gift by the lovely Lucy, with words by Vicki, inspired by you……

there’s a little of us all in Lotty Lollipop.